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Energy is critical to the global economy, and the safety and security of the energy infrastructure are major issues. GISSET is focused on the expanding requirements and interest in energy security and related technologies. It provides real-time support to industry, government and academic entities that are affiliated or associated with energy.

our mission

Develop contacts in academia, industry and government organizations to identify applications for energy infrastructure network and information security .
Monitor and support the expanding use of nuclear power technology, and its impact on the safety and security of society.


GISSET provides applied consulting and technology development research services related to the safety and security of energy production facilities, infrastructure and communications, and supports the development of new clean energy technologies and resources...


About us

GISSET is a unique economic security institute engaged in energy infrastructure security and supply technologies. GISSET’s main office is in Fukuoka, Japan, with affiliate offices throughout Asia, the Middle East and North America. GISSET was established by Dr. Michael W. David to support growing demand and market interest in energy exploration, production, transportation and clean power generation...



GISSET is capable of supporting many reserch themes, such as the following:

  • Cyber & Information Security / Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Remote Sensor and Monitoring Networks / Mobile Networks
  • Human Factors / Personnel Security & Reliability...